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caBöcker brings you the height of the world's lifting machines from Böcker Lifting Group in Germany. These towable, easy-to-use and efficient devices are all constructed of the highest quality materials and engineered to exacting specifications:

Böcker AHK Aluminum Trailer Cranes

AHK 30/1400 PLC
Thanks to its twin jib, the AHK 30/1400 reaches a maximum lifting height of 30 metres which leaves hardly any need unfulfilled in the field of trailer-crane technology. The maximum payload of up to 1.4 tons turns this model into one of the most powerful trailer crane of its class. The powerful drive units ensure smooth telescoping of the mast system even with attached load. Despite the outstanding performance data the dead weight does not exceed 3.5 tons. Therefore operation with a suitable passenger car is still possible.

The sophisticated PLC control is the core piece of the AHK 30/1400. All information about the position of the four supports, the attached load etc. merge continuously in this modern control system. The maximum possible working range is automatically calculated and approved for the operator. Therefore it ensures ultimate convenience and safety.

The AHK 30/1400 PLC is equipped with the fully variable support control which is already well known from the Böcker AHK 30/1600. Thanks to this control system, all four supports can be adjusted individually in three different angles (0°/20°/60°). As a result, operators can adjust the AHK 30/1400 PLC to the given circumstances on-site even more precisely. Particularly on extremely narrow construction sites operations become even more versatile and efficient.

Transport Length
9.00 m
Transport Width
2.20 m
Transport Height
2.60 m
Gross vehicle weight (GVW)
3,500 kg
Max. hook height
30.00 m
Working height up to jib
22.00 m
Jib lockable at
Max. erection angle telescope mast
Jib extended
9.00 m
Jib retracted
4.30 m
Max. hook speed
40 m/min
Swivel range
+/- 310°
Fully supported
LxB 5.40 x 5.40 m
Single-sided support
LxB 7.30 x 3.75 m

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Böcker HD-K Construction Hoists

Ever since, the integrated knee joint of the HD-K series has been the most distinctive feature of these Hoists. It is infinitely variable between 20° and 45° in order to lift up construction materials onto pitched roofs without any problems. Having a maximum lifting height of up to 36 metres, hardly any roof is too high. Thanks to a maximum payload of 270 kg, will not have to face any unexpected surprises during your daily work. The models of the HD-K series reach carriage speeds of up to 60 m/min and therefore ensure quick working on-site.

Of course, HD-K Hoists benefit significantly from the long-lasting experience of Böcker in the field of construction Hoist technology. Like no other Hoist, these models have been continuously modified and offer an unsurpassed combination of durability and sophisticated technology. The robust design and the wear-resistant components turn the HD-K into an honest partner which ensures maximum reliability in the everyday-work on construction sites.

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caBöcker carries three main base units of the HD-K Construction Hoist:

Model HD 26 K / 1-5 HD 31 K / 1- 6 HD 36 K / 1-7
Max. Payload 270 kg 270 kg 270 kg
Average speed of carriage 60 m/min 60 m/min 60 m/min
Length vehicle 9,200 mm 9,400 mm 9,600 mm
Width vehicle 1,650 mm 1,650 mm 1,780 mm
Length rail package 7,520 mm 7,800 mm 7,750 mm
Extendable from - to 7.5 - 26.8 m 7.8 - 31.5 m 7.7 - 36.1 m
Max. length up to the cullis 20.6 m 25.3 m 29.9 m
Gross vehicle weight (GVW) 1,800 kg* 1,800 kg* 2,240 kg*

* The GVW is highly dependant upon the configuration, these figures may be higher than the standard configuration.

All figures given in the above tables for Hoists and cranes come from The Böcker Lifting Group, are approximate and are subject to change by The Böcker Lifting Group as the product is re-designed/developed.