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Taurus Asphalt Tankers - Environmentally Improved to haul roofing Asphalt

Taurus Asphalt Tankers - Environmentally Improved to haul roofing Asphalt!

At caBöcker, we see the HUGE revolution in "greener" products. More and more companies have begun the transition toward more environmentally-friendly products, more sustainable ideas. We are no exception!

The Taurus Environmentally Improved Asphalt Tanker goes a long way toward making your roofing operation a "Greener" one. The fully automatic temperature control system enables your crews to start immediately at the beginning of each day with a full day's supply of ready asphalt. The tank itself cycles automatically to maintain proper temperature, which means that you aren't waisting time or energy waiting for a kettle to warm up. To top it all off, this tank takes fully 50% less fuel to run than the average job tank, and considerably less than a kettle for the same quantity.

Not only does the Taurus Tanker lessen the roofing trade's impact on the environment, it will save you money:

Small Job Asphalt Tanker
  • More efficient use of your labor force. - An automatic temperature control system means that your employees aren't baby-sitting a kettle, they're doing what you pay them for: Roofing!
  • Lower materials costs - A more efficient tank means less money spent on fuel.
  • Increased production - Less waste, lower cost, and more efficient use of labour means that your company is able to do more with less!

Let your present and future customers know that you are dedicated to a Greener future with the unique and highly visible Decals proclaiming that these tankers are "Environmentally Improved to Haul Roofing Asphalt" and that people should "Think Green Roof" in reference to the Green Roofing movement that is gaining steam the world over.

At caBöcker, we offer two sizes of Taurus Tankers, Single-axle and Tandem axle. Below are pictures showing both:

Taurus Tandem Tanker

Taurus Single-Axle Tanker

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