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caBöcker is pleased to bring you these cream-of-the-crop offerings from WUKO Maschinenbau of Austria. Maschinenbau is German for Machine Engineering, and that is something that WUKO knows amazing well. The precision instruments presented below represent the height of Sheet Metal Cutting, Seaming and Bending technology.

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WUKO Sheet Metal Cutters

WUKO blends old-world functionality with new-world efficiency perfectly in their bending, seaming and cutting solutions. If you are looking for a complete line of Roofing & Construction Sheet Metal tools, look no further than caBöcker and Wuko! Below is a quick cross-section of the WUKO products caBöcker can bring to you.

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WUKO Clipper
WUKO Clipper Roofing & Construction Sheet Metal CutterWUKO Clipper Roofing & Construction Sheet Metal Cutter

  • Effortless cutting of sheet metal without burrs or metal curl
  • Ideally suited for straight and curved, short and long sheet metal cutting
  • Also for cutting tapered panels
  • Equipped with a roller assembly to cut longer metal sheet laid on the floor, the quick way
  • For cutting according to marks or equipped with an adjustable stop (accessory) for cutting sheet metal strips with the same width
  • Adjustable cutting speed For the full product sheet, click Here.

  • WUKO Eco-Clipper
    WUKO Eco-Clipper Roofing & Construction Sheet Metal Cutter
  • Cutting Hand tool with Ratchet and Fixing Device
  • New modern design
  • Environmentally-friendly, no electricity required!
  • Perfect for hard-to-reach job sites, anywhere power is not an option
  • Easily and quickly fastened on a table or ladder
  • For the work shop or at the site
  • Clean, effortless cutting without burrs or metal curl
  • Minimum cutting Radius 500 mm/19.69"
  • WEIGHT: 2.7 kg/5.95 lbs For the full product sheet, click Here.

  • WUKO Seaming Solutions

    WUKO has a seaming Solution for you!

    Sheet Metal Duct Seamers


    To view the Product sheet for the Sheet Metal Duct Seamers, click Here.

    Roof Profiling Machine

    WUKO Roof Profiling Machine
    For making the profile for angle standing and double-lock standing seams on bent trays.

    Roof Seaming Machine

    WUKO Roof Seaming Machine
    For closing the profile for an angle standing or a double-lock standing seam.

    To view the Product Sheet for both the WUKO Roof Profiling Machine and WUKO Roof Seaming Machine, click Here.

    WUKO Lock'n'Roller

    WUKO Lock'n'Roller Profile Seamer
    • Closes the profile in both directions
    • Clever system of eccentric lever with disc springs
    • Easy and quick adjustment according to used material and sheet metal thickness
    • Simple removal of the tool from seam at any time and without scratching
    • Profiling rollers of stainless steel
    • Ergonomic handholds above and on both sides of the tool
    To view the Product Sheet for the WUKO Lock'n'Roller, click Here.

    WUKO Sprinter Lock Seamer

    WUKO Sprinter Lock Seamer
  • Single or double standing seam without changing forming rollers
  • Variable pressure adjustment
  • Drive rollers with urethane coating: - for different materials even stainless steel without changing forming rollers - will not damage painted or coated materials
  • Also for curved panels - convex or concave
  • Two working speeds approx. 23'/40'/min, self-feeding, forward and backward run
  • WUKO Master Roof Panel Machine

    WUKO Master Roof Panel Machine
  • Clean profile, poor in tension, made by seven large hardened forming stations, partly with divided forming rollers
  • For all common materials
  • Easy to profile even pre-cut tapered and conical strips one side a time
  • Also extremely short strips are transported without problem by additional urethane coated drive rollers
  • Robust construction, mobile, with fork lift pockets
  • To view the Product Sheet for both the Sprinter and the Master, click Here.

    WUKO Bending Family

    WUKO Uni Bender

    WUKO Uni Bending Brake

    WUKO Uni Bender II/Duo Bender

    WUKO Uni II/Duo Bending Brakes

    For the Full Product Sheet for all the above benders, click Here.

    WUKO Disc-o-Bender/Mini Disc-o-Bender

    There are TWO recent additions to the WUKO Bending Family, the Disc-o-Bender and the Mini Disc-o-Bender! This pair of light-weight, easy-to-use benders are the perfect compliment to the Uni, the Uni II, and the Duo Benders. The Disc-o-Benders will take any 90° angle and continue the bend up to 180°! Simply place either tool on a right angle bend and, Using forward and backward movements, bend down the leg (max. 180°).

    WUKO Disc-o-Bender

    WUKO Disc-o-Bender

    WUKO Mini Disc-o-Bender

    WUKO Mini Disc-o-Bender

    To view the Product sheet on these two fantastic additions to the WUKO Bender Family, click Here

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